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First, it is important to find out what the ETERNA Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) is not.


ETERNA block is a hollow core cement based building element comprised of a mixture of Portland Cement, “Recycled Polystyrene” (Styrofoam), admixtures and water: containing approximately 85% by volume of expanded polystyrene beads with a density of between 20 and 24 pcf. and has a compressive strength of ≥ 56 psi and a tensile strength of ≥ 43 psi.

The combination of cement and polystyrene creates an extremely porous material. This porous mixture creates air pockets that work in combination with the recycled polystyrene to give the ETERNA element a high resistance to thermal transfer or more simply stated a high “R” value.

ETERNA is a truly green building material because we use 100% post-consumer polystyrene in the manufacturing of our block. The ETERNA element is the most versatile building material currently being used today. The ease of cutting (cuts with a hand saw or chain saw), the ability to shape it with a rasp, and the ease with which it is erected, allows ETERNA to be utilized in almost any building project. In residential and commercial applications, the ETERNA element may be used in basements walls, stem walls, interior walls, exterior walls, as well as site walls. From single story retail or office structures to multi story apartment complexes. If the project can be designed for wood, metal, or block construction, the project can be designed for ETERNA block. ETERNA can also be used in conjunction with structural steel for larger projects.

Once in place the ETERNA wall has a series of channels spaced 15 inches on center that run both horizontally and vertically throughout the wall. After the placement of rebar the channels are filled with concrete grout to form a screen-grid matrix. The soupy grout mix penetrates into the ETERNA form about a 1/2-inch, fusing the entire wall together and eliminating a separation gap between the cement and the form. Because the channels are continuous around corners and throughout the wall you create a monolith structure. (Note: the cement matrix is displayed in the picture on the top right of this page). Because the Eterna system is a reinforced concrete structure an Engineer can call out concrete psi, rebar size and placement, to achieve any architectural design. This gives you a piece of mind and allows for greater flexibility in design. Your imagination sets the limits on your project.

In addition to the Thermal Performance and versatility in design, ETERNA also has sound absorbing qualities. This means that the interior of your new structure will be shielded from most outside noises. ETERNA is also very effective when creating soundproof rooms.

ETERNA is very effective in areas where high fire resistance is required. The composite, which is utilized by ETERNA, has yielded a 4-hour fire rating from the Underwriters Laboratories. This allows the use of ETERNA in all applications where firewalls are required. The fire resistance, in combination with the sound absorption qualities, makes ETERNA a natural for multi-unit projects.

* Thermal Performance
* Termite Resistance
* Will Not Mildew, Rot, or Decay
* Fast, Easy Construction
* Flexible Architectural Design (your own
imaginations sets the limits)
* Saves Dramatically on Heating and Cooling
* Conserves Natural Resources Such as Timber,
Coal, Oil and Natural Gas
* 700 Times Stronger Than Wood
* Insurance Savings
* Made in the USA Utilizing Post-Consumer
Polystyrene Waste
* Stucco and Inside Plaster Can be Applied
Directly Without Need of Netting
* Drywall Materials for Interior Surfaces Can be
Adhered Directly
* Fire Resistance
* No Bug or Rodent Infiltration
* Saving the Most Important Resource of All:

Over three thousand square feet of wall forming material can be shipped per truck load so shipping ETERNA product is economical.
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