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Who Are We?
ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEMS' manufacturing facility is located in Southeastern Arizona. ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM Inc. is a family owned and operated business. With over 25 years in the business, LaMell John, and his sons, Grady, Jace and Todd will give you the highest quality building material on the market today.

ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM has been providing Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) material to the building industry in Arizona and other parts of the country. Presently there are over two hundred structures in the Gila Valley area, including homes, doctor's offices and commercial offices constructed with our Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls. Many of the private homes were constructed by the home owners.

The management of ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM Inc. has been involved in manufacturing of this type of building material since it was introduced into the U.S. market in 1989. The block has been manufactured under various names, Rastra, Ener-Grid, and ETERNA.

This ICf (Insulated Concrete Form) building material was first introduced into the United States in the state of California under the product name Rastra. Then after a few years the product name was changed to Ener-Grid and production was continued into the late 90ís. Ener-Gridís Plant was shut down in the late 1990ís do to a legal battle between Rastra and Ener-Grid, which ended in Ener-Gridís bankruptcy.

LaMell John and his family left Ener-Gridís Plant and California during the mid 90ís to return to their hometown in the Gila Valley, where they had other businesses. LaMell and his sons continued to believe that this building material would be the future of the building industry. We knew this product had all the qualities anyone would want in their home. Fire resistance, energy efficiency, termite resistance, high sound abatement qualities and it doesnít rot, mold or mildew. Itís practically a maintenance free home that is strong enough to withstand hurricane winds and earthquakes. We just couldnít let this vision go.

After a family meeting we decided to put our resources together and build our own manufacturing facility in Pima, Arizona. With the knowledge we gained from the California plant and the problems that were incurred we made the necessary changes to our production machinery which lead to the increased production and consistency of our block. Our first block was produced in 2000 under the product name ETERNA.

At this time the ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) systems were becoming popular because of the rising cost of lumber and energy, leading the consumers to look for a smarter way to build. This was the perfect time for ETERNA to enter into the building market.

An opportunity came up for ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM to enter into a business agreement with a company that already had an established market. In 2001 we enter into a 5-year manufacturing contract with Rastra and shipped building material all over the United States, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, China and Costa Rica.

Our block has been used for custom homes, single-family homes, strip malls, industrial buildings, restaurants, privacy walls, retaining walls, sound walls and more.

In 2006 we ended our contract with Rastra to market our block under our own product name, ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM. We continue to manufacture our block under the same quality standards that gives our costumer the highest quality building material on the market today.
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