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Welcome to Eterna Building System
ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEMS' fully automated manufacturing facility is located in Southeastern Arizona. ETERNA BUILDING SYSTEM Inc. is a family owned and operated business. With over 25 years in the business, LaMell John, and his sons, Grady, Jace and Todd will give you the highest quality building material on the market today.

The John family have been manufacturing Insulated Concrete Form's (ICF) for the building industry in Arizona and other parts of the country for several years, and by far have the most manufacturing experience in the cement composite ICF industry today. Presently there are hundreds of structures in the Gila Valley area and thousands across the United States including single family homes, custom homes, doctor's offices and commercial offices constructed with cement composite Insulated Concrete Form's (ICF).

* Thermal performance.
* Termite resistance.
* Will not mildew, rot, or decay.
* Fast, easy construction.
* Flexible architectural design (your own imaginations sets the limits).
* Saves dramatically on heating and cooling bills.
* Conserves natural resources such as timber, coal, oil and natural gas.
* 700 times stronger than wood.
* Insurance savings. * Made in the USA utilizing post-consumer polystyrene waste.
* Stucco can be applied directly without need of netting.
* Drywall materials for interior surfaces can be adhered directly.
* Fire resistance.
* No bug or rodent infiltration.
* Saving the most important resource of all: YOUR MONEY!
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