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Welcome to Eterna Building System

We here at ETERNA Building System have been getting calls asking is ETERNA block the same as Rastra block?

The answer is ETERNA block and Rastra block are both composite ICF's having the same Physical Properties and building specifications.

You probably have never heard of ETERNA Building System. We don't have a fancy web site and you never seen us at a home show. But you have seen our product on web sites and at home shows. Many of the project photos on our competitors web sites are in fact block We manufactured.

The reason being ETERNA Building System has been manufacturing Composite ICF block since 1999 in Pima, Arizona and supplied block for Rastra, Performwall, and most if not all of the other composite ICF companies.

So if you have a composite ICF project and need block. Or if you want to live in the quietest, safest, best indoor air quality, environmentally friendly,energy efficient home on the planet contact us at ETERNA.

Consider the cost of solar that has a life expectancy of 20 years. Then consider ETERNA's energy efficiency with the above qualities without end.
Or combine the two for a zero energy home.

After all the definition of
ETERNA - Without end of existence or duration; everlasting; endless!


* Thermal performance.
* Termite resistance.
* Will not mildew, rot, or decay.
* Fast, easy construction.
* Flexible architectural design (your own imaginations sets the limits).
* Saves dramatically on heating and cooling bills.
* Conserves natural resources such as timber, coal, oil and natural gas.
* 700 times stronger than wood.
* Insurance savings. * Made in the USA utilizing post-consumer polystyrene waste.
* Stucco can be applied directly without need of netting.
* Drywall materials for interior surfaces can be adhered directly.
* Fire resistance.
* No bug or rodent infiltration.
* Saving the most important resource of all: YOUR MONEY!
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